A look at the best ten Dual-Purpose Bicycles 

This is something skiers face as well - wanting one product that can perform good in several different conditions. Dual purpose bikes are the same thing - cycling on different terrains without having to buy several bikes. It is clear that its basically impossible to make a single bike that will suit everyone's needs, but some producers have found a way to cross several types. The criteria we looked at in order to determine what the best dual-purpose bikes are were sensibility, adaptability and affordability, all within the $600 to $800 price.  

Redline Bikes: Conquest Sport

The Redline Bikes’ Conquest Sport was designed with thoughts of quality and affordability. It is convenient for longer rides due to its drop handle bars, but it also has fender mounts and a rack, just in case you need to hop downtown and do some grocery shopping. As omisport.com says, it is also disc brake compatible and there is extra clearance for bigger off-road tires. 

Specialized Bikes: Crosstrail

According to omisport.com, Specialized Bikes made the Crosstrail “for how, where and why you ride.” It depends on what you're looking for - Crosstrail is considered affordable, but if you want a top-of-the-line model, maybe not so much. In order to provide you with a more upright ride, the Crosstrail has flat handlebars and it is excellent on trail excursions and light off-road rides thanks to its front suspension. It has a larger tire clearance for bigger wheels, and like the previous model, it also has rack and fender mounts.

Motobecane Bikes: Fantom CX


The Fantom CX by Motobecane is a good quality bike with rack and fender mounts, a large tire clearance and drop handlebars. According to the review on omisport.com it “handles rider weight well and keeps its track on all surfaces.”

Motobecane Bikes: Fantom Outlaw

If you can afford something more than the Fantom CX, then you might want to consider its big sister, The Fantom Outlaw. It has the same advantages like our previously listed choices (the tire clearance, drop handlebars and the rack and fender mounts) - the difference is the standard disc brakes.

Novara Bikes: Big Buzz

Now this is what we call a  good quality, affordable bike. I you prefer a more upright position while you ride, this bike has the flat handlebars which can provide you with that experience. It has the normal large tire clearance and the mount on the rack and fender. It is not disc-brake compatible and that is the only thing missing.

Novara Bikes: Buzz Road Bike

This bike looks similar to the Big Buzz; the difference is in the standard disc brakes and the handlebars.

Trek Bikes: PDX

The bikedoctorarnold.com review states that the PDX focuses on three things: efficiency, utility and a stylish presentation. There is no doubt that this is exactly what you get on a really great price. If you want to upgrade it later, you also have the fender and the tire clearance for bigger tires. 

Trek Bikes: Allant

The affordable Allant comes with fenders and a rear rack. It also has flat handlebars that provide you with an even more upright ride than its competitors. This is what makes the ride on the Allant comfortable and very controlled, according to the Road Bike Review.

Trek Bikes: Utopia

The Trek Bikes Utopia came out in 2010 and considering the price, it is well equipped: it has the flat handlebars and is good for some light off-roading thanks to its front suspension. Like our previously chosen models, it has disc brakes, tire clearance and the rack and fender mounts.

Trek Bikes: Mendota


The Mendota is a part of the same collection as the Utopia (The Gary Fisher Collection) and it will cost you a bit more, but you will be rewarded with a faster, lighter bike. Like the Bike Doctor Arnold says, it has the speed of the road bike and the comfort of a mountain bike. It has disc brakes, behaves well on light off-road tracks and trails thanks to its front suspension and it comes with flat handlebars for a comfortable, upright position. 

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